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online sales management software

Sales software for small business

This online sales management software will help you organize sales team, increase sales effectiveness and track sales team performance.

Best online Sales Management Software for small business

Online Sales Management Software or lead management system by Software Ocean is a complete to software to manage sales leads since we receive first contact. This web based leads management software or online sales application helps to increase sales effectiveness of a company and meet sales targets. As cloud based marketing software it helps you manage sales team effectively. Being one of the best lead management software it ensures data security even if the user leaves organization.

If you want software for marketing and sales, sales monitoring software or complete sales management system software, web based sales management software, sales follow up software or best sales and marketing software then our solution can fulfill all your requirements.

Monitor sales team performance is easy, you can also use it as mobile sales software because it is compatible with all devices and access control allows manage executive rights. Check out free live demo available online for more information.

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More about Sales Software

12 Features to organize sales and increase sales effectiveness

01 Automatic leads distribution

Automatic leads distribution allows equal lead among team members with completely unbiased approach.

02 Global Executive, Global Login

Being web based makes it compatible for all locations. You and your team can use the software irrespective of country or region.

03 Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly interface makes it easily accessible on various devices including mobile phones of different screen sizes, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.

04 Sales dashboard

Sales dashboard contains summary of your business to ensure you are get most updated information the moment you log in.

05 Performance Management System

Software comes with a built in employee performance management system, where you can modify parameters and values based on your business requirement.

06 Leads database management

It stores all your leads related information in well organized format so it is easy to find potential customer information when needed.

07 Transfer executives between teams

You can transfer executives from one team to another in less than a minute. Data associated with these executives instantly get transferred under new team.

08 Switch leads among executives

Same as executive transfer between teams, you can transfer leads from one executive to another. All associated data is moved instantly under new account owner.

09 Meetings & follow up

Meetings & follow ups are most important part of sales. Our software ensures you do not miss out on any of important follow up or meeting with dedicated sections to take cause of this.

10 Track Return on Investment

Best results are obtained when you know exactly which marketing source is getting maximum leads. You can track business generated by every known marketing source.

11 Access control

Software comes with profile based access control and user base access control. Profiles are created based on your business requirement and user base control allows you to grant additional responsibilities.

12 Bulk Import

In case you are buying leads in bulk, no need to make entries one by one. Simply use our bulk file upload option and from here they will go for automatic leads distribution.

10 Benefits of using online sales management software

 Accurate business information

 Stores all your leads at one place

 Stay updated about meetings & follow ups

 Global Accessibility

 Works on mobile phone

 Track performance of your sales executives

 Complete un-biased sales operation to increase executive morale

 Save paper / Save environment

 Generate business reports in clicks

 Manages complete sales department

6 Questions you might want to ask about this sales monitoring software

01 Can I use this software on my phone? If yes then which phone is compatible?

Yes, this product comes with responsive design which makes it compatible with most of screen sizes.

02 How much time it takes to get the software delivered?

Normally the software gets delivered within 24 business hours of making a purchase.

03 Do I need to buy additional software to use this?

No, you do not require additional software. This software runs on windows based web server and normally all required software come pre-installed.

04 What about training, how will I operate the software?

No worries, software comes with self explanatory module. Most of the pages have notes on how to operate a specific section. Other than this there is help document which contain all key information. You anyways write to us for further assistance.

05 What about my data? Is it safe?

Yes, all your data is stored on secure US servers. In case you have a big team and want to buy your own server, we deploy (set the software live) on your required domain. You just need to buy an activation or renewal key from us.

06 Why it is best sales software for small business?

We call it one of the best sales software for small business because it provides a perfect blend of prices and quality. Our fully featured sales automation software is available at rock bottom prices when compared to other sales software in industries.

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6 Additional features of sales and marketing software

Customer Support

All our customers get dedicated support during business hours to ensure satisfaction.

Free Installation

We do not charge anything extra for any requirement associated with installation.

Mobile Ready

Works perfect on all screen sizes including laptop, mobile phones, desktop & tablets.

Well Documented

Each one of our software comes well documented to ensure easy processing.

Global Access

Can be used use anytime, anywhere. No matter you are in office or enjoying holidays.

User Friendly

Online invoice generation software comes with easy to understand interface to ensure usability.

6 Reasons to use this software

01 Automate leads distribution via lead basket

Automatic leads distribution system allows companies to create an unbiased environment for allocating leads among team members.

Lead basket stores all new and existing customer information until it is not assigned to an executive.

Allows executives to view and book (self assign) leads based on his location.

02 Accurate & updated information

Get current status right on the dashboard so your executives are always aware of what their current performance.

Choose between table or graph format.

03 Manage your lead sources

Source management helps in adding or removing potential sources of leads.

Source information is later used to track from where we are getting maximum leads and conversions.

04 Total control on user activities

Access control manages profile based roles and responsibility

You can anytime give more access to an executive or remove access when required.

Access management can be done in just few clicks.

05 Calculate return on investment

Calculate return on investment and know which marketing source generates maximum business.

You can easily check out investment vs business generated by a marketing source to ensure right amount is spent at right place.

ROI report helps in making future strategy about investments.

06 Transfer leads in less than one minute

Transfer leads from one executive to another in just few clicks.

Just few clicks required to release all leads and send to common basket for re-distribution.