About us

Software Ocean is an initiative to develop and sell some amazing software for business. We have some in house applications and services that anyone can use at a genuine price. Above all, the software development process involves a lot of research about the requirements of the end user. Each one of our solutions solves a specific situation in business and makes life easy.


People leading this brand have more than a decade of experience. Due to this, every business software comes with an easy to use interface and long list of features. Irrespective of what solution you select, you will have the best value for money product. The documentation will help you do an easy set up. You can also opt for managed services if you do not want to get into the installation process. From website development to ecommerce solutions and business software, the store has a lot.


Our catalog has a variety of options. We have business software and a range of services. You can select the one you prefer. In case you want a customized software solution, you can send us an enquiry.

Lifetime License

The world is not shifting to a subscription based model, but at Software Ocean the story is different. We offer lifetime products where you do not have to renew the service. You can simply upload it on the hosting space and keep using it for an indefinite time frame. The list includes a sales software, billing software, ready to use ecommerce website and society management software.


You can use our website development services and support services. Support services for software applications take care of all your installation related queries. In most cases, we install the software on your server.