Revenue Sales Report

Revenue sales report or amount based sales report is created to know actual revenue we generated since we are using this software. It gives a clear picture of performance till date and asp clear view of potential revenue, current amount in follow up, lost and total lead amount that was postponed by customers. Creating sales […]

How lead management System Works

Leads management system is one of the most important areas when it comes to managing sales teams. Any lead can be potential future customer for your business. Lead management includes maintaining detailed customer information along with all sales related information from follow up to meetings. Using sales software is one easy technique of managing sales. […]

How to recover deleted records

You need to recover deleted records when they are deleted by mistake or sometimes intentionally. Every lead is important and smallest of customers can become big revenue source for the company. Sometimes it is done by mistake but there are changes where executives try to delete this useful data. We have created a hidden trash […]