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Software installation process on windows server

Published on February 16, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Most software applications available on our portal are cloud based solution. All of them work on internet and you need windows based hosting to upload them.

Normally all applications come with a standard installation guide and they are similar in nature so for reference you can use these steps for software installation.

System requirements

Most of our applications are light weight and do not use much space on server. You can use even 500 MB windows hosting space to run any of them.

Most of our applications use MSSQL server as database which come pre installed with windows based hosting packages.

Software installation and use

Software installation is a two step process

In first step you upload the software in wwwroot folder of your website.

In second step you restore the MSSQL .bak file to database

Replace current server IP, database, user id and password in connection string

Your application is not ready to use.

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