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Work from home jobs in India

Published on February 26, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Software Ocean is expanding its network and team of by providing work from home jobs in India. If you are a skilled professional and looking for part time jobs in India or work from home developer jobs then here is a chance. Just create an account with us and complete your profile including all the skills you have.

We will contact your with various online jobs that you can work from home and generate income.

How it works

You can be associated as a freelance developer or channel sales partner, SEO executive, User Interface designer or any other available profile.

Online Jobs with us

We hire content writers, developers for various software development jobs online and also provide online jobs for quality analyst in India.

Important Disclaimer

We are not an online marketing company or click based advertising companies or online multilevel marketing companies. We are a software company that provides work on first come first serve bases only to skilled professional.

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