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Using windows web hosting panel

Published on July 24, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Most of our applications come with windows hosting panel. Our windows hosting plans come with website panel software which has one of the most easy user interface. Using windows web hosting panel is easy. Check out the details below:

We recommend careful use of all features because all the data is stored here. Normally customers need two features of website panel

File Manager

File manager contains your website pages in wwwroot folder. You can upload new website here of make changes in existing one via file manager.

How to upload website

Login with your username and password

Click on “File Manager”

Click on domain name (example:

Click on wwwroot folder

Upload files in this folder


This section has MSSQL and MYSQL database depending on your hosting plan. You can restore database or take backup from this area.

How to Reach

Login with your username and password

Click on SQL Server 2008 or MySQL 5.x (based on your requirement)

Click on database name (you can also use same panel to create database)

Click on “Maintenance Tools”

Now you can restore database or take backup.

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