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Installing billing software

Published on August 25, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Software Ocean’s billing software is a web based software application that is used to manage day to day accounting and billing requirements. It helps you record transaction on a daily bases. You need to install billing software on a windows based cloud server. Before you begin installation, you need to download the software from our portal and then follow the steps below.

Installing billing software

Step 1: Download and extract software

Download will be available after successful purchase. You may get redirected to a download link or may get this link inside your order (login to your customer panel to download). Extract the zip file available under application folder.

Make changes

Open web.config file and change database name, server IP and user details. You can also keep same details on your server.

Restore Database

Go to database folder and look for .bak file. Create an MSSQL database and restore the backup file.

Open url where you uploaded the software, use default credentials to login and experience the software. You can delete default entries and start using the software now.

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