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Automatic lead assignment software

Published on September 19, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Automatic lead distribution software or automatic lead assignment system is small part of our sales team application. Automatic leads distribution system allows equal lead transfer among team members with complete transparency and unbiased approach.

Advantages of automatic lead assignment

Completely unbiased leads distribution

Booking lead time management (control lead booking parameters)

Process of lead generation and assignment

Step 1:

Process of leads generation and assignment starts when potential customer information is received from a marketing source. This information is added in the lead database via new lead section or bulk import. You can also release leads available with current employees.

Step 2:

All leads available in lead basket can be viewed and booked by any sales executive. Before booking executives can only view customer requirement and location information. Booking is completely random first come first book bases and customer budget, contact details and other information is available only after it is added to their account.

Once a lead is added to executive account, it can be used for further follow up, meeting and other sales procedures.

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