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return on investment

Published on September 22, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Return on investment the most important milestone for any business. Every business must know how much revenue they are making against investment made in sales and marketing. Most businesses keep on investing various sales and marketing techniques and there are times when the revenue generated is not as expected. To tackle these issues, our return on investment tracker gives clear information on which marketing source generating revenue for the business.

How ROI tracking software works

Generating revenue and increasing profit is ultimate goal for any business and RO tracking software gives this data to help in strategic decision making process. Use the steps below to generate ROI report.

Step 1:

First of all click on ROI Tracker link available in menu (subject to access approval by management)

Step 2:

Select date range (from and to dates) to track return on investment between two selected dates

Step 3:

Click on “Extract” button to generate report.

Soon you will be able to see how much money got invested for each source of marketing and how much business, leads and follow up we have in pipeline.

For more information on ROI tracker check free sales software demo available.

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