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lead transfer system

Published on September 22, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Lead transfer system allows admin to switch lead from one executive to another. Lead transferring is used when sales executive is absent for long time or has resigned from the company and we want someone else should work on potential customers. Using lead transfer system also reduces risk of losing business when an executive is not performing as expected. All the leads in this case can be transferred to new executive with click of a button.

How lead transfer system works

Lead transfer system is simple to use and allows multiple leads transfer in one click. You can transfer leads to executive of your choice or send them to common lead basket for random automatic lead distribution. From “lead basket” of our sales software executives can book directly.

Step 1:

Click on Move /Transfer leads link from menu and open lead transfer page.

Step 2:

Leave Self account (first dropdown menu) unchanged if leads to be transferred from your account. Select Team account is it is associated with any of your team members. You can sort based on status (like follow up).

Step 3:

Select Basket if you wish to send all leads to common basket and executive name if you wish to transfer them to team member.

Select all required leads that you want to transfer or select all depending on your current business requirement.

Step 4:

Click on Move button to complete the process.

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