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How to change nameservers in GoDaddy account?

Published on January 27, 2017 by - Dinesh Nim

Why do I need it to change nameservers?

You need to change nameservers in GoDaddy account if you have domain from GoDaddy and your website is hosting on any other server.

How to change nameservers in GoDaddy account?

Follow these simple steps to change name servers

1) Login to your GoDaddy account

2) Click on you name top right corner and this will open a menu with list of actions.

3) Click on Manage My Domains link available on left hand side. This will open list of domains under your account.

4) Click on the domain name where nameservers have to be updated. This will open new page with information about selected domain.

5) Search Nameservers heading on left hand side (should be third option under Settings)

6) Click on blue color “Manage” link just below current name servers. This will open a pop up window to change name servers.

7) Click on “Custom” radio button. This will open text area to add new name servers.

8) Click on “Save” button and close the window.

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