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Customer service standards play important role to increase customer satisfaction. At Software Ocean we follow well defined customer service standards and techniques to improve quality due this our customers feel secure. These standards also ensure we are using good customer support system.

Customer service standards

We follow well defined approach towards customer service standards. Therefore each product passes through multiple quality checks. Testing happens three to four times at various steps to ensure our proposal meets final delivery. Due to this final product becomes likable and customer friendly. Additionally, these rules apply to entire product catalog due to which all customers get same services.

Support system

Support system is available for customers whenever they need it because of this we have long term associations. As a result we get repeated orders from same customers and their references.

Standard support system include following.

Email Support

Customers can send email to for all their queries and support requirement.

CMS Support

Customers can get 24 hours online ticket based support system.

Phone Support

For all our premium customers we have phone support to answer all their queries.

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