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While searching for an eCommerce website development company you might have many questions and some of the most common are answered here.

eCommerce Packages

01 Do I need to buy a separate hosting to create an ecommerce website?

No, you do not have to buy it separately to create an ecommerce website. All ecommerce web design packages come with hosting plan. Check package details to know how much hosting space is allocated with each package.

02 Can I upgrade the package later?

Yes, you can, whenever there is a requirement, just pay the deference amount between higher package to get and upgrade.

03 Can I ask for customization later?

Yes, we have development team who takes care of this requirement. All customizations are billed separately than standard pricing.

04 What if I want to upgrade server space?

We host your website on dedicated server and whenever you need an upgrade, we can change your hosting plan after taking the price difference between your old plan and new plan.

05 What about after sales support?

We have dedicated customer support system for our customers. Other than this we have phone and email support as well.

06 Do I need to pay additional money for domain? Can I purchase it on my own?

We purchase domain on your behalf, if you want to buy a domain from any other provider you can. In this case you just need to change server (we will provide) information.

07 I already have a domain, can I use it?

Sure, we can use your domain to get the site live.

08 What is the downtime?

We offer 99.99 % server uptime (committed by data centers) so you can be relaxed in terms of website uptime.
Generally we reboot our machines twice a year (which you can consider as downtime) for maintenance purpose and this is about 20-30 minutes. This activity is normally done in non business hours.

09 How is cost of e commerce website development decided?

Cost of e commerce website development is decided based on many factors including cost of development, hosting, services as our package come loaded with all features required for a decent ecommerce store development package.

10 How our ecommerce website development plans are better than other leading companies?

One: there are no hidden charges and two: this is complete solution which means we deliver a completely functional and working ecommerce website to customers. We don’t ask them to use a website builder to make their own website.