How lead management System Works

Leads management system is one of the most important areas when it comes to managing sales teams. Any lead can be potential future customer for your business. Lead management includes maintaining detailed customer information along with all sales related information from follow up to meetings. Using sales software is one easy technique of managing sales. Use to steps below to manage leads in systematic way.

How lead management software works
This lead management software has two sections associated with lead management system

Section 1: New lead

New lead section is used to create new lead in the software. Customer personal information like name, phone, number, email id etc is required along with customer requirement and estimated closure time.

Make sure you fill all required fields marked as required for smooth enter and try to enter maximum possible details.

Sector 2: Manage leads

Manage leads section is associated with making changes in existing lead database. Check out the details below.

Click on “Manage Leads” from the menu (subject to access)

Click on blue color edit button from the right hand side if you want any changes in customer information.

Click on search icon to view customer information and perform follow up.

Click on yellow color person icon to add meeting information.

Click on red color delete icon available on extreme right hand side to remove this customer completely from system.

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