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Small business sales management software


Every business has sales team irrespective of size. Software for sales management will help you track sales team performance and increase business efficiency. Use sales and marketing software for small businesses to organize sales team.


Mobile sales software

Easy to use Interface

Unlimited contacts

Unlimited meetings

10 users

Quick Installation

Access management

This is one of the best small business sales management software. You can also call it lead management system to manage sales teams. Our online sales software is complete solution or software to manage sales leads and track sales performance. If you want to increase sales effectiveness of a company then first of all you must organize the team. Because and organize sale team is considered as most important sales management techniques. Due to sales management software application you get the some of the best sales tracking tools.

Small business sales management software features

sales dashboard

Small business sales management software has long list of features to improve sales performance of a business

Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboard contains summary of your business to ensure you are get most updated information the moment you log in.

Automated leads distribution

You can use automated lead distribution system as smooth lead distribution process where all executives get fair chance to book lead.

Follow up tracker, Meetings tracker

Follow up tracker and meetings tracker ensure effectiveness to stay connected with customer. Chances of positive closure are more when you do timely follow up.

Track return on investment

It is easy to track return on investment. You get best results out of your marketing investment due to ROI tracker because it gives actual figure about what marketing tool is generating revenue.

Performance management system

You can track sales team performance by using auto performance management system. This software comes with inbuilt scorecard for sales team. Therefore it is easy to set targets and track performance of sales team.

Mobile sales software

We have used responsive template for designing this software due to which it works as mobile sales software as well.

Leads database management system

Software comes equipped with Lead database management system due to which you get all contacts at one place.

Leads transfer system

Leads transfer system allows executives to transfer leads from one executive to another. All data associated instantly get transferred under new team.

Remote sales manager

You can hire executives because of remote sales manager feature. This software works across the globe irrespective of country or region.

Lead source management

Lead source management manages potential sources of leads. Source information is later used to track from where we are getting maximum leads and conversions.

Bulk Important

This sales software allows bulk import. Therefore you save lot of time involved in manual entries.


Benefits of using sales software for business

Sales software ensures timely follow up and meetings. As a result you do not miss on potential customers.

You can track sales team performance. As a result it is easy to take strategic decisions.

Sales software creates un-biased environment due to which your team stays motivated.

It provides accurate business information which is also a noteworthy feature.

Sales software keeps you updated about meetings & follow ups

This software works 24 HRS globally because it runs on cloud servers.

Works fine as mobile sales software due to responsive design.

You can generate business reports in few clicks.

Sales Software package includes

Sales software package includes software application and database file you need to run the software. Other than these two there are support documents and installation manual. Check the list below for more information.

Software Cloud based sales software
Database MSSQL database
Installation Free installation by our technical team
Users 10 Standard users (Get Customized Quotation)
Training Training manual / support document / video tutorials / online training
Delivery Software gets delivered in 24-48 HRS including installation

You can buy this sales management solution based on your business requirement. Because we have solutions available for people wanting low cost sales crm software and for sales teams bigger in size. You can also check sales software demo to understand it better by clicking the button below.

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